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sâmbătă, 23 octombrie 2010

Sneaky files !

How to combine different files into one type.

marți, 19 octombrie 2010

These are so cool they just bring a tear to my eye

Steampunk Googles
I want em , you want em , let's make em !
Here's an in-depth guide on how to make your own !

Edit , fixed the picture's size.

luni, 18 octombrie 2010

Is your hand broken ? Nope , just tellin' the sniper to aim you !

Remember when you were kids and you played cops and robbers ? Well some people though the hand signals were just funny shit. Here's what they all mean. They can save your life one day , you better damn learn some !

Recently started playing Minecraft!

So this is an awesome game that only costs what , 10 bucks. I got it and played a bit. FIVE HOURS PASSED!

Anyway , I did some digging on the internet about the game and found out some nice tricks.
I know this doesn't concern real life hacks , they're cool either way !

Creds to whoever made the guides :D they're great !

How to get your change back from a vending machine

This still works on some machines. Tho the new ones are a bit trickier. Try it out and post if it worked for you :D

duminică, 17 octombrie 2010

Hidden book treasure !

This was really cool back as a kid and I bet everyone remembers the secret bookcase! Well here's how you can make one. It shouldn't take more than a few hours.

Stash away !

Portable Burner

When you just can't be assed with high-tech stuff , it's also a nice way to recycle things.
An easy to make burner out of a pop can.

Ninja Stencils

This is a fav trick of mine. It works absolutely everywhere. try to pull this off in the subway or even in a buss. Nobody will suspect anything.

Lighter Cycle

This might seem pretty useless but it's a great way to impress some people. Don't worry if it's all in chinese. With a bit of brain and the detailed pictures you can pretty much follow the guide in depth.

One of those new not-so-fancy blogs.

Greetings. This will be a simple blog dedicated to things that help you with your daily lives. I shal ltry to blend in the fun with the serious things.